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The polygon files are the Wards for the 2014 Election. Each boundary has been created to take into account the eligible voters that reside within the boundaries.

This dataset is from The City of Windsor's Open Data Catalogue, downloaded on April 24, 2016. The SHP formatted data are projected in LL84 (EPSG:4326).

The data falls under the *Open Government License - The Corporation of the City of Windsor* and are bound by the City of Windsor's Open Data Terms of Use (

7 files in this archive

  • 2014_Municipal_Ward_Boundaries_LL84.sbx
  • 2014_Municipal_Ward_Boundaries_LL84.shp
  • 2014_Municipal_Ward_Boundaries_LL84.shx
  • 2014_Municipal_Ward_Boundaries_LL84.cpg
  • 2014_Municipal_Ward_Boundaries_LL84.dbf
  • 2014_Municipal_Ward_Boundaries_LL84.prj
  • 2014_Municipal_Ward_Boundaries_LL84.sbn