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This dataset was generated from all uploaded cycling and pedestrian data in Essex County between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016. All of the rolled-up / summary files contain the data for the time frame. Also included a data file which contains minute by minute time slices.

The is also available as a data visualization at

Below are the date and hourly ranges for the AM/PM data used when generating in this product.

* On-Season: April 1 – Oct 1
* Early AM hours: 12am – 4:59am
** Labeled as _0

* AM Peak hours: 5am – 9:59am
** Labeled as _1

* Mid-Day Hours: 10am – 2:59pm
** Labeled as _2

* Peak Evening Hours: 3pm – 7:59pm
** Labeled as _3

* Late Evening Hours: 8pm – 11:59pm
** Labeled as _4

The data is under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-alike License

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